MS Excel : Use multiple X axis in a single Graph

Microsoft Excel is a very popular software for instant graph drawing using data table. To draw a graph, simply we need one X axis and one(usually) Y axis. We also can use multiple Y axis for same X axis. It’s very easy. But sometimes we need to use multiple X axis for same Y axis. It’s not so easy and there are not enough sources in online to learn this. Btw, I mean this type of graph.

There is two X axis and one Y axis

I also faced difficulties while doing this, then a friend helped me to do this. I’m writing this process here for future use (as source is not so available).
To use multiple X axis follow the steps :

Step 1:

Create/Open an Excel file and make data table. If you are new in that, please learn this thing first (Google it). Whatever, I have created a data table(not actually table, it’s a dataset), which looks like this -

Datasets are made in MS Excel

Step 2:

Select the columns of one X and it’s associated Y.

Step 3:

Click Insert and then Click Recommended Charts

Step 4:

Select this type of chart which I have selected (You are first timer, so don’t be too much creative for now). Then click OK.

Step 5:

Now you can see a graph of one X and one Y. I will make a color change for better view. I am going into a dark theme.

Step 6:

Click on the funnel logo. A dialogue box will arrive and then click on Select Data (below this dialogue box).

Step 7:

Here we go to our main part. Here we can add more data in this graph. And here Y_Data is the graph which we firstly created (I don’t know why it is named like this, but we will rename it later). Now click on Add.

Step 8:

Give here a name of the new graph (Because we can to insert multiple).

Select X value and Y value. How? See the pictures.

Just select the column to insert the column into this . Here we inserted X value column (of course new X, not the previous X).

Do the same thing for Y. and click OK.

Now see the graph. It’s almost done. Click OK.

Step 9:

Now we want to rename the Y_Data. Click on Y_Data and then click edit.

Give it a name and then click OK.

After doing everything. Click OK.

Step 10:

This is an optional step. Click on plus sign.

Mark the elements I have marked (btw, you can be creative here).

Okay, finally you are done. You can insert many many columns (not matter X or Y) here. Make experiments to be skilled for these things.

Thank you so much for reading this article.



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